Sodium Nitrates

Our Hot Dogs do contain sodium nitrate. We have chosen to share with you why we made this choice:

First thing to note is that Celery Cure contains nitrites. That’s why it’s used. They are naturally occurring nitrites, as opposed to the synthesized nitrites. The actual nitrites are exactly the same, and there is yet to be a valid argument for why one is better than the other.

Furthermore, some foods (such as spinach) contains far more nitrites (and worse: nitrates) than are ever present in processed goods.

The amount of nitrites in celery salt is imprecise, and not legally controlled. So when traditional cure is used, our processor, Belcampo, can precisely control the amount of nitrite in the product, which with celery cure we have to accept a range of nitrite content. Therefore when using celery cure, one is resigning oneself to having an imprecise amount of nitrites. May be more, may be less.
We understand that it is not imperative we convince anyone otherwise, but there is no legitimate evidence that nitrites posses any health danger. The oft quoted study to the contrary is horrendously bad science. Furthermore, the toxicity point even that overly dramatic and clearly biased study reached is far, far in excess of what a person could possibly consume.

Our processor, Belcampo, is not at all a fan of celery cure. They believe that labeling product as “uncured” is grossly misleading. The premise rests on the “natural” versus “artificial” distinction.