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For the Love

of the Herd

The steers we harvest for our grass – fed beef are sired naturally, out on the range by our own Angus bulls and raised by our gentle herd of cross-bred mother cows. They are ranch raised and finished on the strong native spring grasses that grow in the hills, free of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. No hormones are administered and any calf needing antibiotics is taken out of the all–natural beef program.

We take great pride in raising our livestock in a quiet and humane manner. From the time our calves are born until they are sold or harvested they are carefully watched and tended to, minimizing worry and stress on the mother cows as well. Our herd attends summer camp on lush pasture in Modoc County, returning to Glenn County’s mild winter as the first snow falls in Modoc.


Loving Care

Our cattle are branded and ear-tagged for identification. They are vaccinated to decrease the spread of disease and only doctored when necessary. Any calf given antibiotics is not used in our all natural beef program.

Grass fed steers take approximately one year longer to grow and mature prior to harvest than the traditional commercial beef sold at the grocery store. This additional time requires more land and labor but ultimately delivers a more delicious and healthy product directly to you.

In addition, buying local beef minimizes the carbon footprint of the product.

Our Management

The Land

We Manage

We manage our both our home ranch and other local ranches we lease in a holistic manner, working towards maintaining a healthy balance between the land, the livestock and the family.

We operate based on a grazing management plan that places a strong emphasis on the health of the range; rotating the herd throughout the pastures to assist in obtaining our conservation and range management goals. It is important to us however that the health and welfare of the cows and their calves is the number one priority in the plan.

Wildlife also plays an important role in our ranch management. In partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the CA State Resources Board we have created numerous riparian areas for wildlife habitat that also provide healthier water downstream, assist in erosion control and contribute to healthy land overall.

In our “holistic” vision, we also place a strong emphasis on the family and our friends that help us…we believe that the end result proves this philosophy. Delicious tasting beef and a happy person selling it to you.

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